Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Communications 101

In first year business school we had to take a communications class (biggest waste of time). But I do remember some basic guidelines:

  • Repetition – repeat, repeat, repeat but be honest and genuine about the meaning, substance, and relevance of your communication. Repetition is useless without genuine sincerity.
  • Use as many different communication methods as possible, and on an ongoing basis – be creative.

Based on the huge response to Brandon's illness, I think that whatever higher power is watching over us SHOULD at some point SOON say "OK, I get the message".

  • Doug (our friend in Budapest), has over 1300 Born Again Christians from all over the world praying for Brandon
  • Kate (in Vancouver) has her mom's Anglican church praying
  • Osy (my sister) has her friend praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
  • Osy also has other friends in Toronto synagogues praying
  • Our Rabbi at Beth Tzedec has 4000 Jews praying for Brandon
  • Over 200 of our friends and family are personally praying for Brandon's health
  • We even have a former Buddhist monk doing his part

So please please please, "fairy godmother", wherever you are, grant our wish (only one) and let Brandon beat this dragon and come home strong, healthy and moving forward.



  1. Taly,
    I wake up every morning and run to the computer to see if I am fortunate enough to catch a recent update. I must check this blog 15 times a day. Your stories and updates are so incredibly inspiring, interesting, and REAL! There is not a doubt in my mind that Brandon will pull through this and be stronger than ever. With this type of support system, the cancer doesnt stand a chance. Brandon will cross that finish line in first place!!!

  2. Hi,

    I was given the link to your blog with a prayer request by a friend we share. I completely agree with your post on percentages and the complete irrelevance of them for Brandon's outcome - you both have a single journey, a single outcome statistics mean absolutely nothing.
    We learned this too when our baby was diagnosed with leukemia at 10 weeks old, had a bone marrow transplant at 6 months. The odds were so entirely bleak (oh and they once used the word 'dismal') that the miracle of her life now, 4 years laster and cancer free is the biggest and only statistic we care about : 1 survivor.
    I am praying for you and for your family, for your 1 survivor. I am praying too for your strength because being a caregiver is it's own very frightening and challenging role, especially with two young children (my heart goes out to you).
    I pray too that your family and friends who so lovingly circle you now, will continue to do so as time goes long, as months go by. Their miracle will be that you never feel alone, that you always know you are loved and that people care about what you are going through. I care. I know you guys can do this - I BELIEVE you will celebrating the overcoming of it, in years to come.

    Emma (Patrick, Molly & Daisy ) Irwin

  3. I am working on getting Buddhists all over the world to dedicate the merit generated from prayers, offerings and other virtuous practices to Brandon's speedy recovery. I am just getting started with prayer requests to temples/monasteries in Thailand and an international Tibetan Buddhist organisation called the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition which has 156 centres worldwide. Also, one of my dear friends is currently touring the planet with a powerful collection of sacred relics from many Buddhist saints, including Shakyamuni Buddha himself (really), and i have started working on getting offerings made to these most precious relics to generate inconceiveable amounts of merit for Brandon. Next i will start on the many Tibetan Buddhist temples/monasteries that i am connected to in India...then i will move to the temples/monasteries in Mongolia, Korea, Sri Lanka, China...etc. Lots to do! Buddhists are particularly practiced at, and efficient with, prayer requests so it will spread like wildfire. I will keep you posted! Love to Brandon, Taly, Dana and Koby and your families

  4. I have also connected with one of the senior monks i am close with in India and am waiting to hear back about prayers for Brandon being done by:
    -His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
    -Namgyal Monastery (personal Monastery of H.H. the Dalai Lama)
    -The Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (the seminary i studied at)
    -Gyuto and Gyudmed Tantric Monasteries

    Stay tuned

    Much love...