Friday, December 25, 2009

Counting Days

The tracking of days has taken on a new format...
As you know, the nurse brings in Brandon's blood numbers in the morning and writes them on the white board in his room. She also writes down the day #.

Today we are Day 9 - nine days from Day 1 of the chemo treatment.
The day numbers, they tell us, become more significant as the treatment progresses (Day 10-20 are tough due to side effects, about Day 25 we should see his blood returning to normal, Day 30-35 they repeat the bone marrow biopsy to check how successful this cycle of chemo has been...


  1. We are here at Netty's for shabbat dinner and thinking about you and Brandon. These counting days will bring Brandon closer to the goal of getting better than ever. Be strong and keep smiling for your Brandon. We love you. Netty Merle Rickey Michael Robbie Daniel

  2. wow are really keeping everyone up to date!
    I think your honesty about Brandon should not be overlooked. You are very special for us as you keep us all up to date.
    All the people that love you both really appreciate your updates.