Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 10 numbers (Dec 26)

Hgb - 85
Platelets - 11
WBC - 0.3

We are not exactly sure why the WBCs are going up as they should be approaching zero. The doctors don't seem too concerned right now but we are going to be watching that over the next few days.

Brandon had a good morning (considering).
He was able to sit up and chat for a few hours (amazing compared to closed eyes for a week) and to my great pleasure (almost made me cry) he ate 4 spoons of ice cream and 3 bites of chicken!!!

The best part - he started questioning the nurse about when can he start playing hockey again, when can he start training, will he be able to swim with his chest catheter this summer????

All amazing questions that show his fighting spirit!

I am so proud of him. He lies here in the same position for 2 weeks, his hands are purple and completely blistered, he has a rash covering his body, his tongue and throat are blistered...and he does not complain, not once about anything.

An amazing man - I am so lucky!!!


  1. WOW!!!!! This is great news!!! Brandon is showing his strength and determination. He knows what waits for him at the end of the tunnel.....his princess and his two beautiful children. Keep up that tunnel vision Brandon. Taly, thank you for keeping us up to date. We are all grateful for the positive updates!!!!!

  2. We were so happy to read that Brandon was doing better today. We hope that he will continue in this good direction.

    We wish both of you lots of strength, determination and courage.

    Robin, Tony and Mona