Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 11 numbers (Dec 27)

Hgb - 82
Platelets - 7 - need transfusion today
WBC - 0.3

Tough day today. Brandon's throat is quite blistered and he can hardly speak. He is achy and tired and pretty beaten up. No energy and no appetite. He dozes on and off. He has "had enough".

Hard to watch, harder to experience.


  1. Oh Brandon, you're hitting the wall. I know - this is so difficult. But all of us are behind you. Try to visualize that. You are climbing a mountain, but we are surrounding you - here to push you up, and here to give you a soft landing if you stumble. You will reach the peak, my friend. You will. Think of the strength you've inherited from your ancestors. They are with you now. You can do this.
    And you can add us Catholics to the prayer list. Mom, dad, Linnea, Lee and I prayed for you during Christmas Mass.

  2. Thinking of you always! Hope he feels better real soon!

  3. Brandon,

    Judy and I have been following this blog since the beginning. We think of you often and talk about you a lot. We know you are a fighter. Keep it up! We know your family is behind you and your wife is truly unbelievable. You will beat this fucking disease. We know it.
    Love, Judy and Paul, Alexandra, Jonathan, Andrew

  4. Brandon and Taly,
    You do not know me, but Doug and Sharon Martin contacted me to pray for you. I am also a missionary in Eastern Europe like they are. God has brought you to my mind so many times, and each time I have prayed. I have prayed for you every day since they told me about you. I will continue to pray that God will heal Brandon. I am looking forward to hear how God answers our prayers! May God give you comfort and peace during this difficult time!
    Jodi Demerly