Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 12 numbers (Dec 28)

Hgb - 81
Platelets - 26
WBC - 0.3

A little better than yesterday. Hands are not as purple and talked a bit today.

He has lost a lot of weight (not the good way). Down to 168 lbs from his October marathon weight of 189 lbs.

Hair is coming out in chunks - tomorrow is shave day....


  1. Taly and Brandon,

    I am friends with Doug and Sharon Martin. Since I have heard of what is going on with Brandon's health, I have been praying for you both. God continues to remind me of you as I go throughout my day, and when He does, I pray for you as you battle through this.

    ~Chris (San Diego, CA)

  2. Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to say hi and of course we are are always thinking about you guys all the time over here!
    I love the marathon pic of Brandon, and is that a 72 on his tag for his number.. . .....cause thats my number!!!!
    I think it really says alot about you and Brandon by the support you are receiving.... one day both of you will use this story(fairytale : ) ) as a great inspiration, for everybody.......
    KEEP STRONG and tell Brandon we need to start planning for our hockey tournament this summer soon!(the one you and Liza love soooo much...)
    Hopefully speak to both of you very soon,