Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 14 numbers (Dec 30)

Hgb - 82
Platelets - 9 - transfusion today
WBC - 0.3

Having a very tough day today. Nauseous (vomiting) and exhausted.
His hands are literally peeling off - the nurse cut off a layer of skin today.

We brought Dana in for daddy's "hair cut". She loved it! She was smiling the entire time and at the end of it she says " I made up a song. You are so handsome...."
What an amazing girl she is!
And I do agree with her - his beautiful features stand out much more and he is quite handsome with a buzz cut.

We did get some great news today - yesterday they extracted some spinal fluid from Brandon's back and the results came back negative for leukemic cells. Finally a break!

We are hoping that he starts to feel better in the next few days but this has really knocked him out...Dr. says that he really is getting many of the tougher side effects.

Hoping this is the worst that the wicked witch has to throw at my prince and from now on he will start kicking her butt!

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  1. Does not surprise me Brandon that you are equally as handsome with a buzz cut! And hurray on the break! He is kicking her butt, keep at it Brandon!