Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec 21 numbers

Hgb - 83
Plts - 28
WBC - 0.3

Numbers are heading in the right direction but Brandon feels like shit - nauseous, vomiting, dizzy and can't really keep his eyes open. Tough since the Dr had indicated that he would be feeling good by now.

Staying optimistic and strong - and hating every moment!


  1. Brandon and Taly,
    The Chemo is working- unfortunately the side effects are really kicking in as described in Taly's blog. I have watched very close friends experience the same thing- difficult to keep your eyes open for too long and that doesnt even compare to the worst of the side effects. Keep Fighting!!! Cause when the Chemo is done and you finish this process- you will feel better than ever....your body will finally be cancer free. Dont fight the process.....fight the cancer kiddo!
    We are all thinking of you!!!
    lots of love,
    The Cook Family.

  2. Brandon - So happy your numbers are getting better...thankfully, you are fighting this cancer crap! keep it up!!! and soon you will be cancer free!!!
    Stay strong, hang in there and know that we are all praying for you.
    You are constantly in our thoughts...
    Osy and Mark

  3. If there is a chance that Brandon needs a bone marrow donor, please let me know. Brandon brought a lot of laughter to my life and I would donate in a heartbeat. Let us know....