Sunday, December 20, 2009

An inspiration ... as always

Brandon has been so exhausted that in the past 2 days he has hardly opened his eyes. When he does they are red from burst blood vessels. It would be scary except that his beautiful blue pupils still shine through.

In the midst of this exhaustion, nausea and continuous prodding by the medical staff, Brandon spoke up once today "Taly, can you get a wheelchair so that I can get out of bed and out of this room for a bit. I want to see people."

I am so proud of my prince! So inspired by his courage, by his drive! He amazes me!

2 months ago Brandon completed his first marathon; today he circled the floor in a wheelchair. I honestly could not tell you which one made me prouder.


  1. Way to go Brandon! It is that strength and determination that will get you through this!
    We are so proud of you - my husband, Lee, and I are hitting "refresh" regularly to get your updates.
    Keep fighting, my friend.