Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas... all our friends celebrating today.
We wish you happiness and health!!

Taly and Brandon

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  1. Dear Brandon and Taly;

    How can we encourage someone who is already so much braver and tougher than we are ? As difficult as it may seem, the only thing that you control is to keep an irrepressible optimism and refuse at all costs any negative thoughts. Impossible and unfair challenges are thrown at us just to show us how badly we really want something. Just keep believing in what medicine can really do today, keep believing in the individual possibilities and keep believing that faith and determination can and will make the difference. We pray for you that one day very soon, you will have tommorrow's dinner date and that life will go back to a better course, one that all four of you belong to and deserve so much.

    Love you and hug you a lot,
    Robin, Mona and Tony