Friday, December 18, 2009

Once upon a time...

...there was a handsome Prince named Brandon and a Princess named Taly. They married and had two beautiful children - Dana (now 3) and Koby (now 1). The family had a lovely home that was full of happiness, laughter and lots of love. They enjoyed every moment together, and looked forward to a future filled with adventure, romance and continued love.


Every night I read bedtime stories to my 3 year old daughter Dana. Her favorites are the fairytales. She can name every princess and recite each of their adventures. I think she finds them comforting - the beginning, the patterns and the ending.

There are several story elements she can count on to be true...

1. They always start with "Once upon a time"
2. There is a beautiful princess and a handsome prince
3. At some point that evil witch/fairy queen shows her ugly face
4. That evil character IS defeated
5. The prince and princess come together
6. The last sentence is undoubtedly "and they lived happily ever after"

Now here I sit at Princess Margaret hospital, at 1:42 on Friday December 18th, watching my Brandon fight his own blood, and I count on these same elements to be true.

And so I will follow the rules of the game...start this story with "once upon a time", understand that the evil witch is lurking and will attack.....and believe (and wish, and pray and hope with my whole being) that the last sentence will be as it should be.

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  1. Taly...thank you for allowing me to share the journey with you...I know you do this for you but it also speaks so eloquently to those of us who care about you and Brandon and hope and pray that this is only a blip in your fairy tale life.
    Let the words continue to give you strength.