Saturday, December 26, 2009


Brandon fell asleep for a few hours today during my visit so I watched Serendipity on TV.
It's a cheesy movie, and those who know me well will not be surprised to learn that this is the channel I stopped on :)

But this movie has some significance for me and Brandon ...

The first is that New York City is one of our favorite places to visit (it was our first trip together) and we actually went to the restaurant Serendipity on one of our visits.

The second (here comes my cheesy side) is that I have always believed that Brandon and I are a real life example of Serendipity (a desirable discovery by accident). There is a similar word for this in Yiddish - Bashert (a person's soulmate, considered as predestined or ideal) - and I have always called Brandon my Bashert.

So watching this movie today in the hospital, made me a bit nostalgic about how Brandon and
I met and how we have come to where we are today...

Brandon and I actually met in 1992. I went on a trip to South Beach with my friend Leslie and one of his friends Justin. Justin was already in Florida with his family when we arrived and so we joined them for the evening in Fort Lauderdale - his mom Arlene, his dad Joe and his little brother Brandon. We hung out that night, but Brandon was more on the periphery as we were 21 and he was only 17....with a curfew.

Leslie and I remained friends and over the years I met the Grajcer family several times. I even attended Justin's beautiful wedding to Daphne. Always Brandon was the 'little brother' in the sideline.

I lived my life, Brandon lived his - I went away to school, moved to Boston to work, had several relationships....Brandon lived in different cities playing hockey and and had his own relationships.

We met again at Leslie's wedding in 2001. I was with my boyfriend at the time and Brandon was there with his girlfriend. I remember noticing that he was quite cute....and our lives continued separately.

In 2003 I came back to Toronto for a visit. A group of us went out one night (coordinated by Leslie) and Brandon was there. Ironically, I asked him that night how he would feel about being set up with my younger sister. But then, realizing his age, I promptly concluded that he was too young for my younger sister :) I must admit that this night I REALLY noticed how good looking he was...but oh so young....

In August 2005 I had plans with Leslie and his wife Melissa. Leslie asked if I minded if Brandon came along as well. Of course I did not mind. That night Brandon and I had our first conversation (every other meeting was truly small talk). We talked about movies and I mentioned that I wanted to see the Bourne Identity. About a week later, having not heard anything, I called him up to make plans. We went for Sushi and a movie and had a really nice time.

3 months later we were engaged.

6 months after that we were married.

Today we have 2 beautiful children and will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.

It took us a while to get the fire started, but it has burned strong and bright since that night at dinner - August 11th 2005.

So like the movie I watched today, I believe fate has always intended for us to get together. That over the years we came together time and time again until the signs were so clear that we were each other's Bashert.

And I believe that fate would not have worked so hard, for us not to be together forever. So as I watched Brandon sleep and I felt in my heart of hearts that we will continue to live our destiny TOGETHER for decades to come.


  1. This is so very sweet! Brandon told me this story...i love that YOU asked him out! Awesome. i forgot that you are friends with Leslie! That is so cool...i met Leslie when Justin and i were in Junior High and i remember him very well...

    You are both so fortunate to have each other!
    May everyone be so fortunate and find lasting love!

  2. You truly are each other's bashert!
    You both are lucky to have each other and will continue life together to watch Dana and Koby grow up and find their basherts too!!!

  3. You have always been an inspirational are still today......and you will be the little old couple walking hand in hand and still deeply in love after a lifetime together.....and will still be that inspirational couple we know and love.