Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes words are not adequate...

Dec 26 photo - a "good" day...

Visit with the kids - Today (Dec 29)


  1. Brandon keep up the amazing work you are doing of battling this demon. We are truly proud of your courage. We wish you and the entire family a very very very healthy 2010, may this year bring only the best life has to offer. We pray for you and your new beginning for the new year.

    Btw your children are absolutely beautiful. :)

    All our Love,
    Ryan, Naomi, & Jordyn Gerstel

  2. he looks so happy with the kids with him! best therapy huh? :)

    he's still a looker! stay strong.


  3. Wow! What strength to deal with this terribly unfair situation, but when you look at those beautiful kids it makes it all worthwhile. Brandon, you are amazing. Keep strong!! We are pulling for you.

    I was just in Vegas with Bram and we met some friends and had dessert at Serendipity down there! What a coincidence with your story. We also talked about the movie as well. Your story is just so inspiring.

    We only wish you all a speedy a recovery as possible so you can all get back to enjoying life!

    Robyn, Melinda, David and Bram

  4. Greetings old friend,

    Andrea MacLean here - West Prep - twin Erin, side kick to Jen Ameis (Davidson). Brandon, you fight this. You kick it's ass. 2009 will soon be past you and 2010 will be yours to embrace. You have an army of support worldwide.
    Taly, although I live in Ottawa, if there's anything I can do, provide or promote, please just ask.

    This army is here for you and your family Brandon. Fight on.


  5. Hi Taly,

    Just want to wish you, Brandon, and your whole family all our prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

    Josh, Haley, Joey, and Ryan Overland

  6. Brandon, we are thinking of you every day and every minute. We may not be with you all in Toronto but we are all with you in spirit. Grandpa was here for a few days and wore his ever steady and sturdy grandpa hat. Wear it Brandon-it is your legacy. Fight the good fight. We all root for you. WITH LOVE AND HUGS AND KISSES. Judy, Paul, Alexandra, Jonathan and Andrew xo

  7. Hi Taly,
    I'm thinking of you and Brandon every morning as I walk the beach here in Mexico and watch the waves come crashing to the shore. You are both so strong and so deserving of a life of love and happiness together with your children. I am praying that there will be better days ahead for you in the New Year and this difficult chapter will be a distant memory.
    Susan Barrett

  8. Dearest Brandon & Taly

    I just heard about what happened and found this blog!

    Man ... fuck!

    I was wondering why I hadn't seen you on iChat for a while.

    I know you want no pity and sad stuff, so let me just say that I am thinking of you and that I know you'll beat this thing!
    A high school friend of mine went through the same thing and he also fully recovered.

    It must be hell for you and your loved ones at the moment, but please hang in there and even though your body is weak, your mind has always been strong!

    I have subscribed to the blog and will check in with you regularly.

    Lots of love and best wishes!