Saturday, December 19, 2009

Those numbers

Every day the nurse comes in with a piece of paper to communicate "today's numbers" and we hold our breath.

These are the blood test results.

To give the context, here are the normal ranges (and my own lame understanding of what they mean):

Hemoglobin (Hgb)- 140-180 - Red blood cell count, oxygenation of the blood
Platelets (Plts) - 150-400 (clotting factor)
***** White Blood Cells (WBC) - 4-11 - fight infection I think

The WBC count is the number that brought us down. Normal is 4-11 and Brandon's was 182 on Monday. His bone marrow is producing immature WBCs and that is the cancer. The chemo aims to kill these and bring the number to zero. The hope is that then Brandon's marrow will produce healthy cells or that a bone marrow transplant will help.

So today's numbers:

Hgb - 86 - ok
Plts - 32 - low but expected and they will give him transfusions if needed
WBC - 2.2 - YES!!!! I did not mis-type!!!!!

Celebrate the small miracles!!!!! This shows that his body is responding to the chemo.

Brandon physically feels like shit...but the white blood cells feel shittier and that's what we care about!

Keep praying for us....