Sunday, January 24, 2010

blog from Brandon

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Over the past 5-6 weeks my situation has become a little bit of a storyline for family, friends, new and old as well as rekindled relationships. I'm thrilled that it is raising SOME awareness for the disease and I hope to continue building that awareness once my life is back to normal. My situation is uncharted waters for me on a few levels, the obvious being my battle with Cancer and the other (what very few know about me), is that I'm very uncomfortable being the center of attention.

With that being said, this is a blog that I wanted to make about YOU. Taly has mentioned this in her blogs in the past. But words can't express what everyone's support has meant to both my family and myself! Everyone has been incredible! You have all helped carry me through these tough times in my life. Generally speaking, I am only a cheeseball with my wife, but I love you all! You are amazing! I don't have a choice with the cards that have been dealt to me, they are what they are. All that I can do is stay positive and love every moment of life. But YOU do have a choice of how you respond to what I'm going through. You don't have to go out of your way, yet you continually do, and for that reason I say... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  1. Brandon,
    Oddly enough, I visited the Premier Cancer Treatment Hospital in Budapest last summer (2nd Department of Pediatrics at Semmelweis University) I think that it's a private hosptial & they raise all of their own funds.
    Sharon was just in contact with the head - Dr. Garami and he has asked Sharon if the school would create some decorations and decorate the hospital for the upcoming Easter (Passover) holiday.
    Interestingly enough, I learned about this Cancer Hospital as a result of John Vanbiesbrouck's visit last June. The Hungarian National Hockey team has made visits to the patients there and has been raising money for them.
    When you come to visit me I want to take you here to visit - and introduce you to the Hungarian Hockey team, too!
    ~ Praying!

  2. Brandon

    You are truly an incredible force of nature!!!! You are so loved and everyone that knows you has been enhanced by generous spirit, enormous light, and amazing sense of compassion....Your strength of character poses to be an inspiration to all who know you...You will continue to thrive and lend your light to even more people on this earth....Keep Shining My Brother!!!:-)

    Praying Without Ceasing!!


  3. Brandon hearing your voice yesterday made our night! You sounded great, strong and happy. We only wish we could have spoken to you, in any case we are so thrilled that you even thought to call us.

    After reading the blog you wrote we realized that being the center of attention is obviously not your thing. What are you doing thanking everyone? We should all be thanking you for showing us that a true superhero exits in our world (YOU). We should be thanking you for teaching us to be brave, to cherish the small things in life, to be thankful for the time we have with our children and spouses, to make the best out of a situation, and most of all not to waste time sweating the small headaches life may throw our way.

    We thank you and Taly for teaching us what true love, patience and support is all about. So Brandon, don't thank us..... we thank you for being the kind of person that you are and for not even knowing the affect you have on so many of us.

    As you go on to round two of chemo we know you will fight it just like you did with round one. We hope and pray you won't have to endure those terrible side effects.

    Thinking of you always,
    Ryan, Naomi, & Jordyn Gerstel

  4. Stay strong Brandon ! Keep fighting
    I know that you will continue to kick this in the ass
    and send it far away , never to return.
    I moved back to the USA this past summer
    and am gonna talk to my dr about how to become
    a donor. Yours and your families strength
    through this is inspiring

    Best wishes
    Trevor Kustiak