Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 19 numbers (Jan 4)

Brandon had a rough night last night. Fever came back with nausea and vomiting. Tough mentally because we thought he was past this for now. Today they gave him gravol so now he is sleeping. Temp is back to normal so hopefully it was just a blip.

Not much change in numbers:
Hgb - 86
Plts - 26
WBC - o.3

At home, if things were not bad enough, our furnace went KAPUT last night. Out, done. It is now 9 degrees in the house!!! Thankfully Brandon's brother went into action and we should have a new furnace tomorrow. Thanks Justin!

Honestly, did we really need this now?!!?!?


  1. Attention: Life
    Can you please stop shitting on my friends the Grajcers? Doesn't Adolf Hitler have any descendants you could pay some attention to?

  2. Cold was putting it nicely. Dana's toast was cold before it hit the plate. My toes were so cold, I put gloves on my feet to warm them up. But this too will pass. Summer will be here and life will be good!!!

  3. Dear Brandon and Taly,
    On day "17" Carol called me to tell me of the HELL you guys are going through. Darlene and I wore our "#17" jerseys to the hockey game that night, in honor of our all time favorite Pensacola Ice Pilot! The #17 player for our current team was the #1 player of the game. We believe that OUR FAVORITE #17 is going to win this battle. The words of Paul Chestnutt: "He shoots and scores" to win this battle.
    Taly, I am so sorry I've never had the chance to meet you. Brandon sent a picture of you when you were on your honeymoon. You are beautiful. I know you're not doing this blog specifically for all of us, but I do so appreciate the updates every day, and admire your strength. I agree with you, there's always been something extra special about Brandon!!
    Brandon, I had lost contact with you, emails returned, etc. We talk about you and still miss seeing you here. I am glad to see pictures of your beautiful children.
    I have contacted friends and family to add Brandon to their prayer list. One LARGE church in Great Falls, MT., and another in MS., plus others around the U.S.
    I pray for your comfort and speedy recovery.
    Sending much love and prayers from Pensacola. Hang in there.
    Tammy Wehmeier