Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 23 - mixed results and emotions

Brandon is feeling good today.
He had a few visitors which was nice....the nurse has already labeled him as a chatterbox :)

Numbers are great!
Hgb - 84
Platelets - 59!
WBC - 2.1

Normal reminder:
Hgb - 140-180
Plts - 150-400
WBC - 4-11

We walked around the unit and he stopped to chat with the nurses for a bit - now they can see how tall he really is :)

We also had some cuddle time which was selfishly amazing.

Unfortunately we did get some bad news today - Justin (Brandon's brother) is not a match for the bone marrow transplant. That would have been a great win.
But in true Brandon spirit he is refusing to think negatively as we begin the search through the International Bank. Keeping our fingers crossed and the positive thoughts coming.

Plan is to bring the kids by tomorrow for a visit - quite excited as Brandon is feeling so much better than past visits.

Hopes and spirits are high!!!


  1. Just a reminder that I'd be glad to get tested for a possible match. I mean, his dancing would go all to hell with all this (motions to self) in him, but worth a try, right?
    Angie (and Lee and little Cooper)

  2. Taly, I am so glad to hear that Brandon is doing a little better. We are also happy to babysit anytime you need. Prayers are with you both.
    Netaly and David

  3. AWESOME! Love the encouraging news!
    I want to mail something to you, but do not have your current address. My email is Will you please send your address?
    I am certain the nurses enjoyed seeing Brandon up and about, with that fabulous smile!!!
    I know it's a hard battle for all of you. Hang in there. Am praying for a quick bone marrow match.
    Hugs and much love from Pensacola!
    Tammy Wehmeier,

  4. I love that you are feeling better!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!!
    Thinking of you guys,

  5. So sorry to hear re: match. Here's hoping there's a match in the database. I'm going to look into getting tested. Let us know when Brandon's strong enough for visits...


  6. Loving to hear the positive moves forward....
    thinking only the best thoughts,

  7. I am only just hearing of this news but have read every post. Brandon and his family have alwasy been very dear to my heart and I just know that He is surrounded by nothing but positivity from every side. Your family is most blessed. I will be praying for a recovery. Please tell Brandon that the Valadez family (Rebecca Valadez)is rooting for him as we are for your entire family. I just know everything will turn out alright.