Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 3 (round 2)

All in all, according to Brandon, round 2 has thus far been "tolerable".
He has been heading to the hospital every morning - there they 'plug him in' and administer the chemo.

He is nauseous, very tired, and his taste buds are starting to go. On a positive note, no vomiting or mouth sores yet. Hopefully they won't appear.

It's hard to see him this way. My prince.

Yet even now he continues to inspire me (and others) with his positive attitude.
"I will beat this. There is no other option."
Damn straight!!


  1. Keep in up Brandon. You're doing great! Were thinking of you.

    Jen and the fam

  2. No other option. Damn straight.

    Thinking about you guys from Germany/Switzerland. Love the pic of Brandon and Dana skating.

    Take good care of each other. See you in May!

  3. Everything is going to be alright
    when summer comes
    The darkest stars will burn so bright
    when summer comes
    you will open up your body, to the warming of the sun
    when summer comes.
    This is from a song by Great Big Sea - I think it's message is optimistic and hopeful and happy - just like Brandon
    Angie, Lee and Cooper

  4. Thinking of you both and admire your strength and spirit! Fight to win again. Love from Rickey, Merle and Michael Robbie and Daniel

  5. Taly, you are so amazing to be able to keep the world informed with all that you are juggling. Please let us know if we can assist in any way. You are both in our thoughts and prayers each day. Hugs to Brandon!
    Andrea Hecht from Kinder

  6. Dear Brandon and Taly:

    We only just heard tonight what is going on -- and would have written sooner had we known. Thankfully, we are now all caught up thanks to Taly's blog. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you and your families during this fight.


    Lisa, Jared, and Zachary

  7. Darling Tali and Brandon,

    You are in our hearts every day and we pray weekly.

    Big Hugs,

    Phil Dani Zavi and Joelle

  8. Brandon and Tali,

    We think of you often and you continue to be an inspiration. Today I signed up for the NYC Marathon lottery. Hopefully I will get in and you'll be well enough run it with me. In any case you and I will run it together one day.

    Love you guys,

    Jeff and Denise