Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Day Before Round 2

As we close this chapter of our story, we smile at the preliminary happy ending...

Brandon is in remission, his spirits are up, he is feeling healthy and his appetite is ferocious - all are small (and at the same time enormous) miracles.

Brandon's spirit and courageous mindset is amazing - even to me (and I have known how amazing he is since date #1).

Today is the final day before he starts round 2 of chemo. We do not know what tomorrow holds...nausea, vomiting, headaches, fever, mouth sores.....We can only pray that the side effects will be less vicious this time around.

That being the case, Brandon wanted to make the most out of the weekend. So...

Last night my in-laws took the kids for a sleepover (thank you!) and Brandon and I went out on a date - dinner and a movie. We had a wonderful evening chatting, laughing, snuggling up together....This morning we woke up and went out for breakfast, did some grocery shopping and then met the family for a lunch. At this moment, Brandon is out with Dana for her first time skating (special daddy-Dana time).

I am so proud to have him as my husband, as the father of our children. I am the luckiest person in the world because I have him by my side.

And the Prince kissed the Princess and she smiled. And they believed that everything would be OK. because it has to be, because it should be, because they are meant to be.

END Chapter 1.


  1. wonderful news! your words are uplifting and powerful. im saying my prayers for all of you.
    love to everyone...cousin sherry

  2. OMG! What a wonderful time for you guys. I'm so glad you've had some fun time, and so happy that Brandon is in remission. Will keep those prayers coming that Round 2 will be much easier. Thinking about you all the time. Thank you again, Taly, for writing the blog and sharing this journey with his many friends and family.
    Love, Tammy Wehmeier

  3. Sounds like a well overdue date the two of you had. I love the picture of Brandon and Dana- you look so happy Brandon!
    Tomorrow is filled with lots of good stuff! Its step #2 in destroying the cancer.
    Only good things will come out of this.
    Taly- your strength is incredibly admirable
    Brandon- your courage is unforgettable
    Keep up the great work!

  4. It was so great to see you today and hang out as a family again. At lunch, Dana kept saying that "daddy is taking me skating" and I could only imagine how special it was for her and for you. I am so happy you shared that special time with her.
    I too am praying that this round of chemo goes smoother than last.
    Brandon - the strength I see in you, your smile at lunch through the midst of all this... is unbelievable. I can definitely see why Taly says you are so special....what a great role model for all of us.
    Good luck tomorrow as the second round begins...and hopefully before you know it, you will be taking Dana skating for her second time next month!

  5. WOW! I am so happy for you both. Let things continue to move in this positive direction. The love that you have for one another is beautiful. thinking about you and sending my positive vibes your way. xo