Sunday, January 3, 2010

My handsome hubby


  1. Brandon, you look really great my friend. I hope your body will follow suit shortly. Taly is doing a great job keeping us updated. Her strength is amazing. We're thinking of you often, and wave at you as we drive by Princess Margaret.
    Take care,
    Angie, Lee and little Cooper

  2. Dear Brandon + Taly,

    I have been keeping up to date with your blog on a daily basis to see Brandon's progress and his body's response to the chemo. While the rollercoaster of good and bad days will still go on, by reading all the updates and comments, you have an unbelievable support system. It is incredibly touching to see.

    Taly mentioned that she reads you all the comments so I just wanted to write you a little something from the heart. Music has always been the outlet in my life and I wanted to pass along a quote from my favorite band, Collective Soul:

    Giving me calm to fall into
    Giving me hope to guide me through
    I want more
    Giving me light to see through tears
    Giving me strength to crush my fears
    I want more I want more
    Still all I need is love
    So give me more

    With all the love you have in your life, you have everything it takes to beat this. And we will be here to get you through it.

    Wishing you both happiness and health for 2010!

    Stay strong,


  3. dear brandie,
    you are really you look like most israeli young men, how about starting to speak hebrew with your wife?
    keep on smiling
    love you

  4. Dear Brandon And Taly,

    My Name is Grace, I have the pleasure of having your sweet little Dana in my class at Kinder Connection. When i got the new about about Brandon I was really shocked and hurt by this you have been in my prayers all the time. I have been on your blog everyday to see how things are going. I Just want you to know that anything i can do for you and Dana please feel free to know that you can call me at kinder at anytime. Taly i admire your strenght you are an incredible women. And Brandon you have will beat this. you have an amazing women and support system by you.

  5. Hey My Buddy ol pal! It's Metro and Michlyn. It is so hard to put into words how we feel. We havent written before now because we truly can't find words to express what your friendship means to us... and we can't imagine the strength you and your family has had to find to fight this fight. You and Taly and the kids have been in our thoughts constantly. You look great and that smile bud shows that this fucking bump in the road is not gonna slow you down. Stay strong and we are looking forward to the next time we get to see you. Metro

    Dearest Taly, Brandon and family...
    We also have quite a prayer chain going for you Brandon. I have been reading the blog since I found it a few days ago and it just makes my heart ache but at the same time... it has made my heart skip a beat to know that you are so blessed to have such a fairytale love. You waited long and patiently to find the love that was meant for you and you are blessed to have a selfless partner in life. I try so hard to never complain- it's not easy being alone so much with young children, no help at home- but realize that I have fallen so short. I can't imagine the strength that you guys have had to find to fight this battle... and you guys are the ones that deserve to complain- not me... not ever. At the same time, it will truly generate an even stronger bond- if that is possible. You have so many people praying that this battle is short and sweet. I love the picture- you look awesome! That smile! Taly is lucky you were able to save it for her permanent enjoyment. I think I may even prefer you with this look... you look more like Glen and you can def pull it off! You had bad hair- it was time!!! Lots of love and hugs! Can't wait to see you, my friend. Thanks for letting me take your spot as Glen's roommate. It has been (um!) interesting but so rewarding. He's so proud of you... and is drawing daily strength from your abundance. xoxoxo

  6. B&T,
    A little levity below given Brandon's current state of baldness(love that pic by the way!).

    God is Good.
    And, God is Fair.
    Some heads he made perfect...
    Others he gave hair!

    *Heard a bald guy on "Price is Right" come to the podium and say that. Now we get to see that God gave Brandon a perfect head! It was just being covered by the hair.

    PS. 25 additional people wrote to tell me that they are praying for you guys - plus 70 from Solid Rock Bible Church near Detroit, Michigan.

    We are by your side during this fight!

  7. hair or no hair - still a cutie!!!

  8. Hi Brandon,

    Just heard of the blog. What a great way to check in on you to see how you are doing.

    I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you!
    Wishing you well!!
    Jamie Kula

  9. Brandon

    I am so pulling for you!!! You are made of strong stock and I know you will rise out of this stronger and better than ever....I wanna see you and let you know in person how much you mean!!! You are a constant inspiration to me. Taly is a GODSEND!!! I thank GOD he gave her to you!!! I am in constant prayer...look forward to the day we will see each other again my brother...Til then, I will hold down the fort and continue in our mission.

    Your Brother From Another Mother,

  10. Unreal. You still have a glow and look fabulous. You look as sweet as you always do. I'm very impressed. Hang in there guys, should get much better over the next few days.
    Keep fighting! Great job so far!!!!