Friday, January 1, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora (aka Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty) is one of Dana's favorite Princess stories. We probably have 6 different versions of the story at home.

In the story, the witch puts Aurora in a trance so that she pricks her finger on a spindle. She then falls into a deep sleep, and so do all the others in the palace...while they await her true love's kiss.

On the days I see Brandon struggle I wish that we can somehow coordinate this magic. Let him sleep peacefully until the witch is defeated, and let me sleep until he awakes healthy and happy.

I sit here in the hospital and watch him sleep. And once in a while a grin comes to his face. And it makes me smile. Because that is MY Brandon - smiling, happy, making the most of life.

I miss him so much. I just want him better and back home with us. I want to fast-forward to that day. But we must be patient and wait and go through all the steps and he must continue to suffer, and home life with the kids must go on without him ....

I love his sleepy grins and I can't wait for them to come in the waking hours.


  1. Hang in there Brandon- You will start to feel better shortly.....
    Getting the cancer out of your body comes with consequences.....but it will all be worth it. Keep are doing an excellent job so far!!!!! Everyone is so proud of your fight.

  2. Dear Tali,Brandon and kids,
    Have a wonderful year. May all your wishes come true.
    Tali and Brandon, I read your blog several times a day. Keep on figthing, no Monster could stand up to the love you both have.
    love you and thinking about you every moment
    Rachel & Ady Stetter

  3. Through a mother's eyes. my beautiful baby is as handsome without hair as he is with. His struggle has been gruesome, yet he has the energy to say, "enough mom, I will ban you from this room if you don't stop" (whatever nervous motherly thing I am doing.

    Justin,Daphne,Osy, Harry and I have all chipped in to help ease the load for Taly. That is what family is about. Finally, he is eating some of the food that I have been bringing, and today he told Justin and I that he can't wait for Chinese Food. We will all celebrate his good health over Cantonese chowmein. How jewish of us!

  4. Dear Brandon and Taly,
    We are friends of Doug and Sharon Martin and learned of Brandon's illness from them. I began reading your notes from the onset and realized that the AML is truly a monster! I intend to pray for both of you as you face this challenge together. How wonderful that you have each other for support during this time. Please know that you are not alone. Many others care deeply about you and what you are battling.
    Brenda Keller (Lima, Ohio, USA)