Friday, February 12, 2010

Our daughter Dana

Dana is 3, but sometimes, when I have a conversation with her, I forget that she is not 23.

As we are going through this trauma with Brandon, I wonder how much she really understands. What is she hearing, what does she know?

Amazingly, much more than one would think.

Yesterday I sat down with her, and we had the following chat:

- Mommy, remember when we were sick and our eyes were red

[we both had pink eye at the same time]

- Yes, I remember

- And then we turned better right?

- Yes Dana, we both got better

- And then daddy turned sick?

- Yes

- We are not sick anymore, but daddy is still sick

- yes, daddy is still sick. But he is taking his medicine and getting better.

- Remember a long time ago daddy was in the hospital?

- Yes

- Remember he cried when he was in the hospital?

- Yes

- That was silly to cry because there were no needles

- You're right, that was silly

- I like daddy's nurse, and I like daddy's Dr. , the one who can't count

[the Dr would play count with her]

- I like them too Dana. They will help daddy get better.

She amazes me - with her words, her logic, her compassion, and her understanding about what's going on.

We are blessed to have her!


  1. Dana is so amazing. We all love her to pieces.
    what a conversation for her age!

  2. What a beautiful girl! And so sweet....what a blessing. I sent my cheek swabs away two weeks ago, so maybe, just maybe, we'll both get a call next week.
    Also, I phoned one match about the embryos (I just had to! I would have forced them on you!)....and they said that they are the wrong type of stem cells. Crap. They said they have to be stem cells from the placenta or cord blood. I didn't bank that when I had Cooper. But nevermind all that. A match will be found. I just know it.
    Love, Angie

  3. This picture of the three of you is so incredibly beautiful. All of your family pictures are perfect. Dana is simply a product of her mother and fathers brilliance and beauty. She is one beautiful little lady.
    I think about you guys every day, as I am overwhelmed with positive feelings regarding Brandon's recovery.

    Keep up the great work!
    marci xoxoxo

  4. Sometimes, it is more about what she doesn't say. She gets a look in her eyes, and you know that she knows! When Brandon was in the hospital, often she was quiet,and pensive. Now she is full of mischief and giggles.
    Bubbie Arlene

  5. Wow-without a doubt one of the cutest kids I have EVER seen!


  6. Brandon has inspired us. Taly inspires us. Now Dana is inspiring us too.
    We are truly blessed that you bare and share.