Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Round 2 - More good than bad :)

Last week Brandon went through round 2 of chemo. Truth be told, we had no idea what to expect. We could only hope that it would be easier than round 1.

Well - I am THRILLED to say that it was much easier!! Although there was still nausea and exhaustion (and one night of vomiting), overall Brandon was able to function. And as a result, the family was able to function.

He could walk and talk and eat. He could come downstairs to sit on the couch. He could sleep at home. He could smile.

For the next 2 weeks Brandon will still have the side effects associated with the chemo - exhaustion, no immune system, potential sores and internal degrading of his stomach lining. But I feel like we are more prepared for what might happen. He will have to go to the hospital twice a week for blood tests and transfusions, and we have a nurse coming by daily to administer antibiotics.

Not a normal life, but closer to normal.

On the donor front - we wait, we pray, we drive the donor coordinator crazy with emails and phone calls.
She is hopeful, but we are inpatient (as you can understand), so we are trying to push the process forward as much as possible.

Brandon is amazing as usual - smiling, playing with the kids, and determined to beat this horrible beast!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support as we go through this. It is amazing to see that we are not forgotten as this continues.

The princess has her prince at home and he is gaining strength. We are learning more about the witch every day, and we will defeat her with our love and passion to live!


  1. Taly and Brandon,
    We're so happy to hear that this last round wasn't as bad as the first. You're always in our thoughts. We're inspired by your strength and valiance in rising to this challenge!
    Jennifer and Stephen

  2. Brandon, Taly :
    We are continuing to think of you, glad to hear life is a trending ever so slightly to normal ! The second period in hockey can often solidify a "W" - so here is you second period, Brandon - good luck, hit hard and clean ,skate behind the puck at the blue line, stay out of the penalty box, and most importantly, run up the score !
    Leah, Paul and the Kileny's

  3. YEAH!!!!!!! Amazing news, we are so thrilled to hear that round 2 went so much better than the first. We are sure that being at home with the family is the best thing in the world for you. Only our children can make us forget about the larger problems in life.

    Way to go Brandon & Taly for being so strong, keep up the outstanding work you are both doing.

    Ryan, Naomi, & Jordyn Gerstel

  4. So happy to hear round 2 was easier and that you could enjoy having dinner together. Hopefully things do get easier with time as the chemo decreases and Brandon's strength resumes.
    I'm sending in my swabs today (As I signed up for One Match) and maybe (okay a long shot, but who knows) I will be his donor, or someone's at the very least, to help out those in need.
    Netaly B.

  5. Taly and Brandon,

    We are glad to hear that round two is more bearable on you both than round one. Out thoughts are with you. Sorry we haven't been more in touch over the last few weeks. We will be in touch soon. If there is anything we can bring over or help out with please don't hesitate to ask.

    Hindy & Charles

  6. Tonite I cooked Shabbat dinner with lots of Brandon's favorites. This was the first since early December. Brandon brought his "A eating game", Taly make the prayer over the candles, Brandon blessed the challah,Dana sang Shabbat Shalom, and I enjoyed the moment! I love my family so much.

  7. Thinking of you all from chilly Sweden...keep on, Brandon...this brat of a bug is no challenge for you !