Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Last Tuesday we got the amazing news that Brandon has a donor...

So the prince whisked his princess away to a castle in the sun...somewhere over the rainbow.

My amazing husband, in his great wisdom, decided that we needed (and deserved) a few days of relaxation - to be together, rest, and enjoy this time that he is feeling great.

Thankfully (and we are ever so grateful), Brandon's aunt and uncle (Paul and Judy) were over-generous and allowed us the luxury. They flew us to Florida, where we joined them for 4 days in South Beach.

We rested, we sunned, we walked, we people watched, we shopped, we ate, we ate, and we ate.

Most important - we were together, we rested and we were normal.

Thank you so much to Paul and Judy for this amazing gift!

Also a special thank you to 2 other people that allowed this to happen - Arlene and Joe (Brandon's parents) took on the role of nannies for the kids...who had the best time with Bubby and Papa :)

My prince is feeling wonderful! He has gained back all his weight, has a bit of a tan, and the hair is starting to fuzz. He is an amazing man with the best (most positive) attitude I have ever seen. He is my happy place (no matter where we are).


  1. Glad you had fun. You deserve it. I live in Florida wish I could have seen you
    Carol Bender

  2. What a great gift for the two of you.
    So glad to hear how great your time in Florida was!