Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gift of Life

The moment we were waiting for arrived last night in the form of a baggie filled with pink liquid...

9:45 - Cooler arrives at nurses station

9:50 - Confirmed package for Brandon - 17o ml of pure stem cells (yes - that's all)

10:00 - Begin transfusion - a VERY emotional moment

10:45 - Transfusion complete (yes, about 45 minutes start to finish)

Now it's up to these smart cells to find their way into Brandon's bones and begin developing a healthy immune system.

TRULY - A Gift of Life

Thank you donor for being our hero!


  1. Thinking of you all the time. It has been so wonderful to see you on the street and we look forward to having you back in time for the summer.
    Stacey and David

  2. Have been thinking of you constantly, anxious to get an update. I look forward to the day Brandon comes back to Pensacola to play in a "Reunion game" @ The Hangar, and that I get to meet his incredible family. Hang in there. Sending much love and daily prayers.
    Tammy Wehmeier

  3. so much emotion ... hang in there....
    that bag is his cure to kill this wicked witch!

  4. The first of our prayers has been answered--Brandon has received the gift of life!! Thank you God for finding this donor. Now our next prayers are for a successful transplant so you all can have a long, happy and healthy life together. God is good. God is great. Thank you God. We think of you everyday. Thank you Taly for keeping us informed. You are the greatest!! Brandon's Pensacola Mom & Dad

  5. And now we wait and pray.. and wait.. time will go by slowly but stay hopeful, the first miracle was that the stem cells arrived..and now let the prince rest so soon he can pick up his princess again and ride home :)

  6. Whoever thought that such a mighty sword could arrive in such an unassuming package? Their power can only be made stronger by all the good vibes coming your way from the people that love you.

  7. Brandon, we continuously think of you and the family. We can't say it enough........ YOU ARE AN AMAZING AND INSPIRING HUMAN BEING!! Together with Taly you have taught so many of us what the meaning of true love is.

    Continue your bravery on this long hard journey and know we are praying for those cells to find their way into your bones. Incredible how 45mins will change the rest of your life.

    We wish you and the family much love.
    Ryan, Naomi, & Jordyn Gerstel

    p.s We love that your walls have the drawings from your children :)