Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Brandon had a bone marrow biopsy today....one step closer to the transplant.
The objective is to find out 100% that he is in remission.

Tough procedure!!!!
Basically, the Dr freezes his hip (deep under the skin along the bone line), then sticks a type of corkscrew into his back and twists, and pushes, and twists, and pushes....until he releases a piece of bone to pull out for testing.

Brandon was quite nervous, but with clenched teeth and a few moans he came through only slightly injured. Sore now...and probably for a few more days.

My brave prince - as always :)


  1. Happy to hear you had a little get-a-way, wishing you only the best of success, healing and strength with your bone marrow procedure, we are always thinking of you and hope this will bring you closer to your happily ever after place! Love Merle & Rickey Michael Robbie Daniel.

  2. Glad that you had a well deserved get away in the sun. My apologies for the lack of contact, I was glad to get caught up tonight and really happy to hear about the donor. Coninuing to send positive energy to Brandon, you and the kids.



  3. ((shudder)) sounds brutal.
    You're in the home stretch now, my friends.
    Love your updates.
    You strength is inspiring.
    Lee and Angie (and Cooper)