Thursday, March 11, 2010


On Tuesday, while we were preparing to enjoy our last day in Florida, Brandon's cell phone rang. It was the transplant coordinator...
"We are calling to talk to you about something."
Heart sinks, stomach aches.
"We have identified a back-up donor for you. There is no reason to think you will need it, but just in case, we would like to have that in place."
Heart starts beating again.
"Also, we have reached the donor, and we are ready to move ahead with the transplant on March 29th or 30th."
Heart races, eyes fill with tears.

So this is it. What we have been hoping, wishing and praying for. That day has now been confirmed, the schedule of next steps at the hospital has been set.


For Brandon - a new immune system, potentially a new blood type, a new start, a new beginning to continue his life.

Happiness, fear, anxiety, gratitude, relief, hope, dread ---- just a few emotions that we have been feeling over the last few days.

It's hard to believe the hell that Brandon is about to enter in order to come out healthy on the other side. He is feeling so great now, so normal, that it is incomprehensible that he is willingly entering the nightmare of chemo, radiation, potential rejection, organ failure... Yet he is bravely looking forward to getting there, because the quicker he gets in, the quicker he gets out.

On March 23rd he will enter the hospital for at least a month, and we will be 'apart' again.
But the chapters in our story are moving forward, and we are getting closer and closer to 'happily ever after'.


  1. Wow-beautifully written and so GREAT to hear! I know people have commended you for your strength and effort in writing these entries-it is truly AMAZING! Thank you!


  2. Stay strong and know that we are here for you anytime. Brandon - keep staying strong as always. Your positive attitude is a true inspiration to us all. The prayers still need to come as this is a long process for Brandon...but let us all stay positive and strong so we can soon read Taly's blog and see those ever changing 6 words "and they lived happily ever after"