Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prince Charming, Prince Eric, Prince Philip....can't compare in the least!

Brandon is doing great!
He is sick, nauseous at times, has some pain, his throat is burning off...but he is doing great!

First off - all these symptoms were expected. And although they suck (and Brandon would stress that they REALLY do), I prefer these to an unexpected reaction to the transplant.

Second - Brandon has remained positive and he is fighting with all he has...Although EXTREMELY weak, he got on the exercise bike yesterday for 10 minutes; although his throat is in horrible pain and he has no taste buds, he forced himself to eat some food. And although he is tired, he lets me visit with him and chat and spend time.

My prince rocks!!!!

I can't wait for him to be home! I miss him so so much!!! And so do the kids.
As Brandon so nicely put it - "I am looking forward to being boring." We have had enough drama over the last 2 years....can't wait to answer the question "what's new" with "nothing".


  1. you are so right Tal....he is so positive and still talking and laughing even though his throat is burning with soars. He is such a fighter and an inspiration!
    Brandon - keep up the positive energy. You are amazing!

  2. what a wonderful update! I look forward to hearing how boring your life will become. xo


  3. How much longer is he expected to feel this way? You guys are so very strong. You're almost at the finish line. Can we drop off some magazines or DVDs or something?
    Angie and Lee

  4. Huh....... Never realized that answering nothing new or same old could actually be a good thing. Brandon, it sounds like you are doing amazing under the circumstances. The fact that you did the bike for 10min is just mind blowing. (I can barely do it for that long :) You are right Taly, he totally rocks. Our wish is that the time will go by quickly for now on. After June 1st is when the time can slow down in order to enjoy every healthy second as a family.

    In our thoughts always,
    Ryan, NAomi, Jordyn Gerstel