Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well - all the glorious plans and hopes for a happy birthday return home went to shit last night.

Brandon did come home...and then proceeded to puke his guts out the entire night. What a nightmare!! Poor him.

We drove home at about 4pm, walked into the house and our darling Koby immediately started yelling "dadda dadda". Tears filled Brandon's eyes as father and son were reunited :) I honestly was not sure how Koby would react, but he made me so proud!

Then about an hour later Dana arrived home, saw Brandon and a huge smile lit up her face as she rushed to her daddy (who by this time was lying flat on the couch unable to move). She tried to give him a hug and kiss, but Brandon could not even manage that. True to form, my daughter announces "daddy, you know I love you so so much!". She then takes a good look at his face, at his very swollen lips and says "daddy's lips look like a goldfish". Amazing how that girl can always make me laugh.

Unfortunately Brandon began vomiting and Dana's face showed her horror. So quick decision that it would be best to eat dinner and have her sleep at Bubby's house. Brandon never made it to the dinner table, never had his requested cake, never opened his gifts.

My heart sank as Dana came to Brandon with balloons and a gift, only to have him open his eyes and nod at her. She asked "will daddy open his present now...when are we blowing candles...." only to be told "daddy is too sick today". "Will daddy sleep at home or the hospital?" At home. "Yay!" She is amazing!!

So Dana went to sleep at bubby's. Brandon moved upstairs (not an easy trip) and then spent the night vomiting pure bile.

At 8am we drove back to the hospital, they connected him to multiple IVs and he is finally sleeping.

Not a great birthday at all!
So now we wait again and hope that he improves here over the next few days.
He is suffering so much.
Enough already!!


  1. dear kids,
    as much as we heard about the hard time after the transplant -no one can really understand, except brandon, the pain ,weakness and suffering that he goes through-my heart goes out to him.
    taly you are such a strong lady and many of us should learn from you-i know how difficult it is for you and you do everything with so much love ,carrying and devotion.
    about the kids-they are amazing!
    koby is so smart -everytime i took him down the stairs he pointed at the pictures and said "daddy" -we think that he is too small to understand but he is much smarter then that.
    dana-what a child!!!!!!!
    she reminds me of you-an opened mind, supper smart girl and very sensative.
    i hope and pray that brandon will get better as soon as possible and that difficult days will be behind you all,
    love you a million

  2. Oh boy. What a nightmare. Taly, you probably didn't sleep a wink either. I am so very sorry. If I win the lottery tonight, we'll throw him a huge party when he gets home for good. My treat.

  3. My heart goes out to you all. Taly, you are so strong and your kids sound amazing! What an inspiration you are. I know that's not what you want to hear and you just want Brandon to feel better. So my wishes are for Brandon to get better as soon as possible. Enough is enough. I think about you guys all the time. And even though I have only met Brandon a couple of times, it is so obvious he is such a great guy. So Brandon, get well, very well soon! I know you are trying. I can't wait for the great news that you are home and having fun with your amazing wife and kids.