Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Back at the Past

This weekend we watched our wedding video - something we hadn't done in a few years. What a blast to the past! Several things struck me (hard) as I watched the 2 of us from July 2005...

First of all - What an absolutely AMAZING day!!! We had such a great time and watching it brought back all those great memories.

Second - If I tried, could I still fit in that dress? LOL

Third - Look how far we have come in 5 years. We now watch this video with our 2 healthy, happy kids...who were sitting mesmerized with smiles on their faces as they watched their mom and dad's royal wedding (Dana asked me where the carriage was).

Fourth - Look how much shit we have lived through in only 5 years - my sickness and 2 month hospital stay, Koby's danger at birth and 1 month hospital stay and now Brandon's cancer! More than a couple should have in a lifetime!!

Fifth - Brandon - how healthy he looked...and how ready I am for him to feel (and eventually look) that way again.

And finally - As we listened to the speeches, I turned to Brandon and told him (in all honesty) that I could stand up today with the exact same speech and mean every single word with all my heart - all the excitement, happiness and love I felt for him at that time have only grown stronger...and I am just as honoured today to be his wife!


  1. You are both the most inspirational people, We read your blog with so much admiration, your strength, your commitment to each other to get past this horrible experience. We are so happy for you and as we shared with you on your wedding day and again today, you are a beautiful couple, and now with your two gorgeous children, we wish that all your dreams and your reality bring you a lifetime of health and happiness! Amen to you! Love Rickey Merle Michael Robbie Daniel

  2. What a beautiful post - my favorite so far...I always hold my breath when I see that you've updated, and I'm so happy when it's a "good news" post.
    You inspire me every day with your optimism and courage.
    Angie and Lee