Friday, June 11, 2010

Magic Wishes

After Dana's graduation we took her out for lunch.
She found a nickel on the ground and we told her she could make a wish.
Consistent with her wishes over the last few months...

"I wish Daddy feels better."
"He is feeling better Dana. Your wish is coming true. It worked!"

The smile on Dana's face at that moment could melt a glacier.

"Can I make another wish?"
"I wish I can always wear dresses."

Oh, the beauty, power and innocence of young wishes.

Dana - My wish is that all your wishes come true.


  1. I love that her wishes are coming true!!!

  2. Mazeltov on your graduation, Dana!
    We are so happy that your wish for your Daddy is coming true, & may all your other wishes come true too!
    With love & hugs from your cousins in Vancouver,
    Dani, Phil, Zavi & Joelle