Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Few Tough Weeks

It's been a tough few weeks for Brandon since his hospital stint with Pneumonia. Unfortunately recovery is VERY slow.

He is still coughing quite a lot, which is annoying during the day and dreadful at night. On one hand his medications make him quite sleepy, but on the other hand he can't sleep because he is either coughing or uncomfortable.

As is his nature, Brandon does not complain much, but I can see how frustrated and exhausted he is - "I just want to sleep through a night." In addition, by midnight he heads downstairs so as not to disturb me all night - sweet, but I would rather have him beside me.

The Dr's don't seem too concerned. They checked his lungs via chest xray and next week they may try another pulmonary test to see what is going on.

Overall Brandon is quite tired and weak. He had hoped to be further along to "normal" by this time, so that adds insult to injury.

So we take it day by day and see how he feels. And we try to be patient with this monster that just won't go away quickly enough.


  1. .....and sleep is what he needs to recover properly, right? What a vicious circle. I'm no doctor, but when Lee had pneumonia they gave him codeine to stop the residual cough. If that's not an option, try these: slather his feet with vicks vapor rub (if they have healed from the peeling) then put on thick warm socks. Keep a jar of honey by the bed and put a generous drop on his tongue - continue throughout the night as needed. Not great for the teeth, but if it helps then it may be worth it???

  2. Happy 5th Anniversary Prince & Princess!