Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 5th Anniversary

This past Saturday Brandon and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.
Needless to say that this was special in so many ways...

First (and most obviously) is the fact that WE CELEBRATED OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY! Not to sound too morose, but the stakes were stacked against us when Brandon was diagnosed 6 months ago. He HAS made it...and was feeling well enough to organize and attend this momentous evening.

Second - 5 years already! Wow! In some ways it feels like only yesterday that we were standing under the Chupah at The Liberty Grand on a beautiful and perfect summer day. Today we have 2 amazing, smart and funny children (that are growing up so fast), a wonderful loving home and shared memories of some awesome vacations around the world.

Third - 5 years only? Really? The amount of crap we have endured in only 5 years astounds me. My illness and hospitalization, Koby's issues and hospitalization, Brandon's illness... I whole-heartedly proclaim that we have lived through more S*#t than some people have in a lifetime!!

Finally - through the good, the bad, the amazing and the miserable - no matter what - Brandon and I have supported each other, loved each other, held each other, given each other strength, smiled and moved forward - looking ahead with a positive spirit.

So as we enjoyed dinner and raised our glasses for a toast, we celebrated the past, we teared up about the past and we wished for the future...

Happiness, love and health

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