Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And now a slap to the other cheek

Further tests have shown that the virus has spread to his brain.

This explains the delirium.
This scares me to death!

On a double dose of anti-viral medication that they hope will destroy the shingles.

What can I say??


  1. When I spoke to Brandon in the last month, I always asked him "how is your day?" His answer was always "rollercoaster - ups and downs" With so many downs lately, his rollercoaster ride has to go up now.... Stay strong Taly and Brandon...this will get better. I am here for you always. Love you both! your sis, Osy

  2. dear Talush and Brandon,
    what can i say? my heart is breaking for you .
    your suffering is an on going trip and i hope that this nightmare will end asap and we all should be hearing finally good news.
    we pray and think about you all the time and we hope that the new year will bring you all health and happiness.
    i know how hard it is on you all but don't loose hope there must be a light at the end of this tunnel.
    love you and pray for you

  3. Tonite we talked about next Marathon. Tonite we talked about TOMORROWS! First time in weeks! He is coming out of the FOG. Maybe the Sun will come out soon for all our sakes.

  4. So glad to read that maybe the fog is lifting, prayer for many sunny days in you future........
    tammy button

  5. Life is surely a big test, and even if we miss a few answers . . . .EFFORT and LOVE count a lot.
    because, Taly, you're is there, giving your all no matter what . . . .
    we hope that everything will turn to the better soon!!
    We feel for both of you . . . .you were in our prayers during the High Holidays.

    Shana Tova to your family.

    Riva and Carl Gelber