Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing New

Well we've passed the one month mark and still nothing new to report.

Still in hospital, still in pain, still high on meds, still not home.


  1. This is awful. Just awful.
    If I win the lottery this week, I'm flying him to the Mayo clinic.

  2. Dear Taly, Brandon, Dana and Koby,

    Our kindest thoughts, prayers and wishes are with you for the New Year. May it be filled only with an abundance of health and happiness to all of you.

    Shana Tova,

    Robin, Tony and Mona

  3. Hey Buddy.... I can not put into words what Mychlyn and I r feeling for you and the Fam...Just Fucking ridiculous!!!! Be strong Pal. Lots of Love from Zug,Switzerland Glen