Friday, October 1, 2010

No Surprise Visitors - please

As much as we appreciate the outpouring of support, I would like to ask people NOT to drop by the hospital without calling first. Several reasons:

1. Brandon is in no state for visitors...and neither are we
2. It is really a time for close family ONLY
3. He is not there for people come in and just stare --- I know people don't mean to d0 that, but it feels that way
4. I don't want Brandon to know how bad things are, and people dropping in who have not been in contact or on visits before is just too fishy (Brandon can still hear and is not an idiot)
5. We need room for the Drs to do their checks and it is a small room
6. We just can't handle other people there right now (who have not checked with us first)

Once Brandon is feeling better, we will have a celebration and you can all come give him a hug.
But not now.

Hope everyone understands - BIG HUG to you all!!


  1. Dear Brandon, Taly, Dana and Koby,

    We are constantly thinking of you.

    Sending you lots of strength and love,

    Robin, Tony and Mona

  2. A thousand words cannot describe the emotion from your tender and beautiful pictures. Please know how hard we pray for Brandon and think of you all, Love and hugs, Merle & Rickey

  3. I look forward to the chance to celebrate with Brandon. All the best to the whole family.

    Jeremy Richardson

  4. Joe and I also want to thank you all for coming to see us during this time. Last week we thought it would be good for Brandon to socialize, this week it is different. We are so sad, and scared, and trying to help each other muster up our strength to give Brandon positive energy. Each time a new person comes, we crumble. We need to be strong, so Brandon will feel our strength, and he will get strong. We need to be strong, we need to be strong.

  5. Of course Taly.
    What you want, whatever you need.
    People will respect your decision and your steps.