Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Day!! Day 21

Brandon had a great day today :) The best thus far on MANY fronts:

He woke up feeling good - I even got a phone call in the morning to say hi!
His brother went for a visit and they chatted away; he sat up in bed; he ate rice pudding, apple sauce, yogurt, macaroni and cheese (!); he sat up in a wheel chair for about 1/2 an hour; and he walked around a bit (first time).

I am so proud of him! Each of these things that he accomplished today (that we take for granted) is so difficult for him...each bite is a conscious decision, each step is a hurdle. But he did it!!

And why?
Because the Dr said that he might be able to come home next week for a few days before the next round of chemo!!!!!

And Brandon has made a decision:
"I want to be well enough to take Dana to school. So I am going to push myself so that when I get home I can do that."

Could I love him any more than I do? Didn't think it was possible but my prince does not cease to amaze me!

His numbers today:

Hgb - 87
Platelets - 18 - went up on their own! His body is starting to produce again!
WBC - 0.7 - went up as well!

We know that the war is far from over, that there may be some setbacks as we move forward. But today I am celebrating a GREAT DAY....because these great days are what we wished for.