Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day ???? - Who cares - he is home:)

What an amazing day for our family! A day where we appreciate every smile, every hug, every moment....

We had dinner together last night, watched some TV, went to bed together....kissed each other good night (first time in a month).

As much as I thought that it would be a peaceful sleep, I just couldn't - I kept checking on my prince - was he warm, was he covered, was he too warm, is he sleeping soundly.....

And I watched him, sleeping, breathing....next to me....at home.

This morning Brandon completed his one wish - he took Dana to school and walked her into class - proud daddy and proud daughter.

Tonight he is determined to cook me a special dinner - so now I sit while he cooks. As much as this is SO wrong, he is so excited about it!

I love him so much! And I love having him home....hearing his voice, feeling his presence, watching him....

My prince has won the first battle and he has come home to his princess and children.
We still have quite a journey to "happily ever after" but we are on our way.

Thank God!!