Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hospital Visit Today

After taking Dana to school today Brandon and I headed to the hospital for his big appointment.

Scheduled for 10:15, we finally went in at 2:30!

His blood tests showed the following:

Hgb - 94 - increasing steadily on their own which is great
Platelets - 522 - this is actually HIGHER than normal but the Dr. says that is ok and not an issue
WBC - 5.2 - normal

The other number that they looked at today was blast cells. Blast cells are immature white blood cells that were the indication of leukemia. When Brandon was first diagnosed the number was 155. They would like to see the number at 0, but today it was at 0.1.

Due to that number, they decided NOT to do the bone marrow test today. The Dr. was NOT concerned about the 0.1 because she said that could happen as the body corrects itself. At the same time, she does not want to check for remission because the lab will come back with "an indication of blast cells".

So we are back next week for the test.

Until then Brandon gets to stay home which is wonderful!!
As per Dr's orders - he needs to fatten up before the next round of chemo.