Monday, January 25, 2010

Round 2 - Day 1

With great trepidation, we got dressed this morning and began the seemingly long drive to the hospital. Brandon has been feeling SO great (thank God) that the now voluntary check-in at the transfusion clinic seems wrong. But it is needed, and we are both in for the full battle, so we march ahead.

The day itself was not too bad. Brandon basically sits in a recliner and they use his chest IV to transfuse the chemo into his body. At the same time he receives antibiotics and other drugs. We were there today from 9-4:30 and this schedule continues for the week.

I managed to check in with Brandon, head out to a work meeting, head back and work from the hospital. Tough but doable.

I also managed to meet with the transplant coordinator. Her job is to search the International Registry to find Brandon a match. She explained the process and was very helpful. She also shared that she is "pretty confident" that she would find Brandon a match within a couple of months. I wish she was SURE, but right now pretty confident is pretty awesome!

At about 4pm Brandon started to get nauseous and my heart dropped. I hate seeing him suffer. He has already suffered WAY too much. The 'good' news though is that it is now 9pm, and although he has been in bed since 6, he has not vomited yet - small miracles, small celebrations.

So day 1 for my prince has been ok, and I pray that this witch is a lot weaker than her older sister. And I pray that my prince is just as victorious, because I know that he is just as brave and just as determined!