Friday, February 12, 2010

Our daughter Dana

Dana is 3, but sometimes, when I have a conversation with her, I forget that she is not 23.

As we are going through this trauma with Brandon, I wonder how much she really understands. What is she hearing, what does she know?

Amazingly, much more than one would think.

Yesterday I sat down with her, and we had the following chat:

- Mommy, remember when we were sick and our eyes were red

[we both had pink eye at the same time]

- Yes, I remember

- And then we turned better right?

- Yes Dana, we both got better

- And then daddy turned sick?

- Yes

- We are not sick anymore, but daddy is still sick

- yes, daddy is still sick. But he is taking his medicine and getting better.

- Remember a long time ago daddy was in the hospital?

- Yes

- Remember he cried when he was in the hospital?

- Yes

- That was silly to cry because there were no needles

- You're right, that was silly

- I like daddy's nurse, and I like daddy's Dr. , the one who can't count

[the Dr would play count with her]

- I like them too Dana. They will help daddy get better.

She amazes me - with her words, her logic, her compassion, and her understanding about what's going on.

We are blessed to have her!