Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Back at the Past

This weekend we watched our wedding video - something we hadn't done in a few years. What a blast to the past! Several things struck me (hard) as I watched the 2 of us from July 2005...

First of all - What an absolutely AMAZING day!!! We had such a great time and watching it brought back all those great memories.

Second - If I tried, could I still fit in that dress? LOL

Third - Look how far we have come in 5 years. We now watch this video with our 2 healthy, happy kids...who were sitting mesmerized with smiles on their faces as they watched their mom and dad's royal wedding (Dana asked me where the carriage was).

Fourth - Look how much shit we have lived through in only 5 years - my sickness and 2 month hospital stay, Koby's danger at birth and 1 month hospital stay and now Brandon's cancer! More than a couple should have in a lifetime!!

Fifth - Brandon - how healthy he looked...and how ready I am for him to feel (and eventually look) that way again.

And finally - As we listened to the speeches, I turned to Brandon and told him (in all honesty) that I could stand up today with the exact same speech and mean every single word with all my heart - all the excitement, happiness and love I felt for him at that time have only grown stronger...and I am just as honoured today to be his wife!