Monday, June 28, 2010

When it rains....

Last night it poured in Toronto!
And it poured in the Grajcer household...

Brandon back in hospital
Basement flooded
Car broken into

Time for the sun to start shining!!

More bumps in the Road - Brandon back in hospital

We were just starting to get used to normal again, and unfortunately we find ourselves back in the hospital. They are great here, but I HATE this place, and I hate not having Brandon at home with us!

Last Tuesday Brandon started feeling sick (cold) and his clinic Dr told him to keep watch. On Thursday Brandon went on a golf excursion with his work and was not feeling well at all - nauseous, coughing, hacking....

On Friday his colleague drove him straight to North York General Emergency - we couldn't go to his regular hospital because of the G20 - REALLY?!?!?
Anyways - quite eerie to be back at the hospital where he was first diagnosed.
They did some blood tests and a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia but everything came back ok so we went home.

Saturday night was one of the worst Brandon has had since he got sick. Aside from the nausea, coughing, headache and hacking, he also had SEVERE bone pain in his legs. That is a side effect of reducing one of his drugs. He spent ALL night groaning in pain....unbearable pain that we could not stop.

So Sunday morning we headed into emerg where they performed all the tests again and added a CAT scan of his chest. Results showed some cloudiness so he was admitted last night. They now have him in isolation and are going to do additional tests to see what type of infection he has in his lungs (bacterial, fungal or viral). That will help determine the diagnosis.

He is actually feeling ok now, but they need to be extra careful as he is more susceptible to illness and it is tougher for him to recover.

So we are back where we started - hopefully just a forced rest for my sweetie and he needs the sleep as much as anything.