Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And again....

Back in hospital as of last night.

Really??? Can we not have 1 week of calm????

As you all know, Brandon came back home last Monday.
Everything was great....feeling good, life back to 'normal'.

Sunday he began feeling pain in his upper abdomen. By Monday afternoon he was feeling so much pain that he ASKED to go to the hospital. For those who know Brandon, you realize that this is VERY atypical - he is more likely to tough it out at home.

So back to Toronto General Emerg where luckily we were met by the same great Dr as last time. She attended to Brandon immediately (as opposed to waiting hours). Some pain medication (thank you), a CAT scan and x-ray later, they determined that:

- he has a gall stone
- and potentially something else

And now we wait while they try to determine if and what the 'something else' is.

Now Brandon is back at Princess Margaret. Unfortunately he is still in a lot of pain.
Hopefully they can figure everything out quickly and get him back home...feeling GOOD.