Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Paging Dr. House"

We are living a real-life episode of HOUSE.
And I now understand how frustrated the characters on the show can get with the medical field.

Brandon is now Day 4 in the hospital and I can not count the number of specialists (and specialties) that have come in to offer their opinions and hypotheses.

And they are all different... Everything from heart problem (which it is not) to ulcer, to gall stones, to perforated bowels, to stomach ileus, to liver issue.....and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, we have the patient - Brandon is still in horrible pain, getting more frustrated and agitated by the minute, going through test after test to gather additional clues to this abdominal mystery.

I think we can safely assume Brandon is not pregnant.

So I would like to page Dr. House and his team - Please come see us and come up with your brilliant Brandon can finally feel better and get home.