Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Nothing

I have officially reached the point of ultimate frustration with the Dr.s on Brandon's team. He has now been in the hospital since last Monday and they STILL have not determined what is wrong with him.

I don't blame them for that...but I am critical of the decision-making process (or lack thereof). Maybe it's the fact that improving efficiency and effectiveness is something that I do for a living or maybe it's the fact that my love is still in excruciating pain...or maybe it's both.

Every time another specialist walks in, he/she boldly states that the answer is ________ and the proper treatment is ________. There is then discussion with the rest of the team and somehow that decision is revoked and another solution is selected. You know what - I'd even be fine with that....except that other solution has thus far been "do nothing". It seems like with all this expertise and knowledge in the room, it creates a paralysis of action. And that is not acceptable to me!

Someone needs to take charge and do SOMETHING, because doing NOTHING has not been working!!

Meanwhile Brandon is still in pain, drugged out of his mind (literally hallucinating now) and new issues are popping up (suddenly they are suspecting shingles in his liver).

So today "wife from hell" will show up and kick some medical butt!!!