Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still at PMH

I haven't posted an update in quite a while.

Having thought about that fact, I believe it is because my hope was to post one with a title "Great news" or "Back home" or "Life is normal". Unfortunately, it looks like it will be some time before that post appears on the blog....

After 23 days Brandon is still in hospital.
I wish I could say that things are better, but they are not - He is now in complete isolation with a case of the Shingles. This is the adult form of chicken pox and is quite painful. He still has abdominal pain, it's still difficult to eat, he is still on a high level of pain medication and he continues to lose weight.

My poor husband. Believe me, neither one of us is the type to look or ask for pity, but I do pity him at this point. He is in pain ALL the time and that is no way to be. It's at the stage WAY BEYOND 'not fair'.

His spirits are also starting to be affected. Not surprisingly of course, but that is not the Brandon that we all know. He has moments of tears where he cries out "I can't take this any more". He misses the kids beyond words and he wants to come home.

I know that people are still thinking about and praying for him. I pray that those prayers somehow are heard by 'someone'.

We are tired....tired of this whole thing.