Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No words

I am at the point of zero patience so this will be a very straight forward and emotionless update - that's all I can handle right now...

  • Liver complications (from feeding tube that they had to stop)
  • Kidney complications (from antivirals)
  • Delirious - suspect either shingles (for the 3rd time) or infection in his brain
  • Sleeps all the time
  • When awake has no idea what is going on
  • Shits and pees himself in the bed and not even aware of it
  • Can't speak properly
  • Repeats answers (they assume due to the brain issues)
  • Can hardly move (not even to lift his own arm)
  • Trouble remembering the kids' names
  • Says kids are 18 and 17

All Dr's keep repeating is "he is very sick"

Scared shitless!